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How to make Cannabis Coconut Oil – Complete Guide

How to make cannabis coconut oil 2020

Today I want to show you how you can make a cannabis coconut oil.

Why coconut oil?

Some peoples dont like butter, so this is a good alternativ method for recipes, where you need canabis butter. Coconut oil has many healthy ingredients such as lauric acid, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and antioxidants.
For this reason, coconut oil has long been used in cosmetics and personal care. For health reasons, coconut oil is also finding more and more in the kitchen when cooking and baking.
Adding cannabis creates a combination that is extremely healthy for body and mind.

How should I dose

This recipe is designed to produce 200 grams of cannabis coconut oil. The results then in the spoon measure 50 teaspoons or 20 tablespoon. Assuming that marijuana contains an average of 10% THC, then 1 gram of marijuana contains about 100mg of THC. The best dose for oral consumption is 10mg THC, which results in the following dosages:

Easy dosage
6 mg THC per unit
3 grams of marijuana for 200 grams of coconut oil

Medium dosage
10 mg THC per unit
5 grams of marijuana for 200 grams of coconut oil

Strong dosage
14 mg THC per unit
7 grams of marijuana for 200 grams of coconut oil

  • Unit = one coated teaspoon

What you need

  • cooking pot
  • spoon
  • 1 fine sieve
  • 1 container for the finished cannabis coconut oil (preferably glass, jar or similar)
  • 200 grams of coconut oil
  • X grams of marijuana (See dosage above)


Shred the marijuana as finely as possible. The more space the marijuana has in the end, the more cannabinoids can dissolve.


  • Add the 200 grams of coconut oil to the pot and let the coconut oil melt on a low heat. Coconut oil melts partly already at 25 ° C – 27 ° C, so a small flame is sufficient.
  • If the coconut oil is liquid, add the marijuana to the pot.
  • Now you have to increase the heat so that the cannabinoids and the THC can dissolve. The optimum temperature is 70 ° C – 80 ° C. This temperature should not be exceeded (in any case, the mixture should be brought to a boil, because then ingredients (terpenes and cannabinoids) can be destroyed).
  • Now you have to keep the cooking pot at this temperature for at least one hour and stir the mixture regularly so that all cannabinoids can dissolve.
  • Over time, the coconut oil is getting greener, which is because the chlorophyll dissolves in the oil.
  • After an hour you can remove the cannabis coconut oil from the heat. Then you should filter the oil at least once to separate the remains of marijuana from the oil. Personally, I would filter it twice. Once in a coarse sieve and once in a finer sieve, to get even the smallest parts out. But that’s a matter of taste.
  • After filtering, you can put the cannabis coconut oil in the container for the finished cannabis coconut oil.


The cannabis coconut oil can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature. But you should make sure that the oil is not in direct sunlight, otherwise the oil could liquefy again. In addition, care must be taken that no children or other people who do not know that it is cannabis coconut oil, use the oil, as this could then lead to problems.


The cannabis coconut oil can be consumed orally or applied externally to the skin. In addition, this oil can be used for cooking, baking or refining. When using you should always be careful not to consume too much. The best way to test how much coconut oil you need to get the desired effect. In addition, it must be remembered that it can take several hours to feel something of the THC, as this has to be processed by the body first.