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Smoke Cannabis is an Art – 2020 Guide

How to Smoke Cannabis Art

Cannabis can be smoked in many ways, but all surround the idea of combusting the plant material to release the natural chemicals inside.

There are the usual joints and blunts, which are cigarettes and cigars that are built with as much bud required to get you high.

Pipes and chillums are next, which are just variations of a bowl on a stick.

Then you have the water pipe and variations of it. This is what is more commonly referred (haha – I nearly said reefer) to as a bong. It is a pipe that has a small chamber of water to bubble the smoke through as it is being inhaled. The idea is that the water traps some of the burning plant matter, whilst letting the cannabis smoke go through.

Another type of bong is a gravity bong. This is a little different because it doesn’t involve water to filter the smoke. The easiest way to construct these is to two bottles, one larger than the other. You cut the top off the larger one and the bottom off the smaller one, placing one inside the other when finished. Fill the bottle with water and use the neck of the small bottle to hold a bowl. As you light the bowl up, pull the smaller bottle slowly out of the water. This creates a vacuum, pulling all the smoke into the bottle, ready for inhalation. The same thing can be done with plastic bags and duct tape.

The last method is the one that led me to personally wipe away any hopes of good grades at school. It is a devastatingly effective way to get high and I wish I had never came across it.

Finally, I once had a load of hot knives at a party. This involves having a bottle or other wide to narrow shaped object that is open at both ends. Heat a couple of knives on a stove, press a piece of bud with one knife to pick it up, then squash it with the second knife to cook it. Instant smoke.