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When to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings

when to transplant cannabis seedlings

This post is a brief, precise overview on when and how to transplant marijuana plants – many doubts about that, so Gea wants to share its substantial experience with you.

Firstly, several transplants are recommended, although this doesn’t always become the best grow – our personal experience shows that growing in the final pot from day one is similar to growing gradually from a smaller to a bigger pot.

Nevertheless, there are some guidelines for the plants to grow properly, e.g., for seeding stages, it’s useful to use a small pot for the plants to grow faster, and, then, you can plant it in the final pot or, gradually, in bigger pots (grower’s personal style); it’s up to you, but, anyway, here you have some tips for your quality grow.transplant marijuana

Gradual pot change

Very careful technique – as the plants grow, they need bigger pots for the root system to get enough space and spread properly; if the roots don’t have enough space, they’ll start forming something like a root wall around the rim of the pot, and it could be negative for nutrient absorption and general future of the plant.

If you disregard it and leave the strains in a pot which can’t meet their requirements, they’ll get paralyzed and this will affect the final crop negatively – pay attention and transplant at the right time, always with enough space on the substrate for the development of the root system and nutrient absorption and assimilation.

There are some air pots – their design lets air enter thru the sides of the pot, naturally pruning the roots around the rims and avoiding the formation of root walls: with these pots, the plants tend to grow faster than in usual pots – nevertheless, irrigation’s doubled because the culture medium gets constantly dried on its sides.

Anyway, Gea Seeds states that, when using the final pot directly, work and risks get saved, and growing decrease is minimum.

How can I know if my cannabis plant has enough roots to be transplanted?

For gradual pot change, here you have some tips:

You’ll know that the plant needs to be changed into a bigger pot if – as previously mentioned – the roots get agglutinated around the pot (lack of substrate or general culture medium).

If the pot gets dried too fast, the plants and their roots need more space.transplant plant

If the plants fall, or show stains or chlorosis on their leaves, they’re probably suffering from a lack of space in the pot.

If, at first sight, the plant’s too big to stand on its containing pot, it’ll need to be transplanted into a bigger pot to be firm.

Lastly, sometimes the plants need to be transplanted when staying in the same substrate for too long – parent plants in the same pot for too long gradually finish all the substrate nutrients and need a change to regain all they need to be properly developed.

When to avoid transplanting

During growing stages, transplanting and pruning are suitable – when flowering, the strains should be in their final pot (if transplanted when flowering, they’ll have to acclimatize to the new medium, they’ll probably develop more roots and this will paralyze flowering, and you don’t want that).